[BiturboS4] Re: Important for those of you pissed at AUDI of America

Walter J Green Jr vr6pilot at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 24 01:01:42 EDT 2003

sounds like a big joke.

good luck.

class action, what a dumbass. your brother must be one sharp lawyer.


'01 S4

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>Subject: Important for those of you pissed at AUDI of America
>Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2003 18:44:30 EDT
>My brother is an Attorney here in New York and also has a 2000 S4 along
>myself who owns a 2001 S4.
>He received his new car all scratched and has had nothing but grief since
>onset of his purchase.  My case is worth an Extra Exclusive.  I have to
>with incompetant dealers, my 2nd gear replaced, my car repainted, my trim
>replaced along with my radio and speakers, my seat repaired, my dash
>replaced, my tires bulging, my headlamps replaced, my headlamp washers
>replaced, my clutch might need replacing and the list goes on.  Trust me I
>We are putting together a Class Action Lawsuit against AUDI of America if
>they do not meet our terms.
>Any of you guys interested?  Just the threat of Lawsuit will most
>have Audi jumping to settle these matters.  So think about it long and hard
>and email me back.  I am compiling a preliminary list.
>Thanks and good luck.

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