[BiturboS4] Re: Important for those of you that whine alot

Walter J Green Jr vr6pilot at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 24 12:34:41 EDT 2003

this should be interesting. take seats please, let's begin.

first of all, as most of the list knows, I am an attorney. I was a state &
county prosecutor for 6.5 years. I now have my own practice.

i paid attention in class enought to know, that talk of a class action suit
with the facts at hand is worth the same thing (and has as much meaningful
content) as a Hillary Clinton speach: NOTHING.

it's just junk talk to make people feel better about their bad luck with
their car, and, i suspect, their 24/7 whining and complaing attitude about
life in general.


'01 S4

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>Subject: Re: Important for those of you pissed at AUDI of America
>Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2003 05:27:00 EDT
>VR6 Pilot:
>I am just watching to see who I would actually reply to.  There are only a
>few people.  See the fact is that I have been to 4 different dealers to
>settle quality control issues.  But putting that aside and defects within
>car itself, I don't appreciate you saying anything about my brother.  At
>least he could get into Law School and was a Prosecuter.  Oh maybe he had
>your speeding tickets reduced.  Or maybe not.
>If you have something to say you can say it to me.  The other thing is that
>have extensive contacts and relatives in the press ranging locally,
>nationally and internationally.  I was mentioning bad publicity and you can
>be sure that some people will hear about it before Audi comes to meet most
>my demands.
>But for those who are not interested or wanted to bad mouth me, well we
>what you can do. Just sit there and complain with each other like tired old
>women because after I get my car back from the dealer (knowing they haven't
>fixed my problem), I am going to the Press.
>Aren't you just itching to know how I am going to get compensated.  Those
>you who responded positively, I am sure I will be in touch so that we can
>have a joint statement made.
>Ta Ta and do keep in touch,

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