[BiturboS4] Fwd: Important for those of you that whine alot

Darin Nederhoff editor at s-cars.org
Thu Apr 24 12:47:00 EDT 2003

MAJIKKAM at aol.com wrote:

>How's private practice going?  and where do u practice, in Idaho??? You
>probably blew all your contacts while being a cut rate Prosecutor and just
>don't have any good contacts anymore
>sux for you.
>adieu my pretty boy and don't bother writing back because I blocked you.  Pay
>off those Law School Loans yet?  I hope so because being a Public Defender
>doesn't pay much.

Nice attitude?  Are you 14 years old?

All of this BS stops right here.  If you have more attitude than IQ then
feel free to wander back to the your caves.
I for one am sick of having to baby-sit this list.  Let me refresh
everyone on the list use guidelines.  If you cannot discuss issues
intelligently then you'll be given a free pass to the exit.  Clear enough?

We welcome all Audi owners and enthusiast to join in the discussion on
the mailing lists but we do ask for your cooperation with the following

   1. Be kind to others. Mutual respect for other Audi enthusiasts goes
      a long way to keep the peace on the list. When debates get started
      on the list don't resort to personal attacks or adolescent name
      calling. As an old Prince song says, "Act your age, not your shoe
   2. Watch your language. The lists are deemed 'family friendly' and we
      strive to keep it that way.
   3. No spam... please! Please do not join our lists in order to sell
      your car or other S-Car parts. If you join a list and immediately
      send out a classified ad post for your car you'll be banned from
      the list. S-CARS.ORG operates a dedicated classified division for
      this very purpose. The listing fees for our classifieds fund this
      site. At the present time it costs over $100 per month to keep the
      S-CARS site online (not including the time spent updating various
      areas of the site)
   4. You are solely responsible for your words. In other words, if you
      say something that lands you in legal trouble with a vendor, you
      are on your own. We don't moderate the mailing list traffic 24-7,
      so if you say something stupid we can't always throw you a life
      preserver. The old line, think before you speak (or type) works
      well here.
   5. Do not send attachments to the list. (They will be rejected.)
   6. Try not to beat an already dead horse. In other words, if a
      certain 'thread' has been going on and on for quite some time
      without any real progress perhaps it is time to move on.  If you
      still wish to debate the topic, do so in private e-mail
      correspondence rather than on the list.

We welcome all Audi related vendors to join in the discussion on the
mailing lists but we do ask for your cooperation with the following

   1. No advertising!  The lists are not your very own marketing tool.
      If you send out promotional messages to the list regarding sales
      or otherwise promote your business you will be banned. We do
      allow  (and encourage) the use of a SIG file by commercial parties
      on the list. This allows our members to identify you as a
      commercial entity.  If you don't know what a 'SIG' is, it is
      merely a line at the bottom of your emails that gives your contact
      information.  We suggest: XYZ Business / 1212 Anystreet / City,
      State / email / phone. Do NOT put promotional lines in your SIG.
   2. The best form of marketing is to be helpful. If you share your
      expertise with the members of a list and don't cram marketing
      speak down their throats they just might respect you and want to
      buy your products or services.  If you wish to support or
      advertise on the S-CARS web site please send us an email at
      adsales at s-cars.org <mailto:adsales at s-cars.org>
   3. If you see someone posting unfavorable messages about your
      business, relax.  We encourage you to do whatever possible to work
      out your differences in a favorable manner for both parties.  You
      most certainly will not do yourself any favors by threatening
      lawsuits against list members. Dealing with any disputes in a
      mature and professional manner may even earn you bonus points on
      the various lists. Asking us to remove all posts that don't give
      glowing reviews of your business will be treated with about as
      much enthusiasm as a Ferrari model debut in an Amish colony. In
      other words, most people know that you cannot please all of the
      people all of the time. Any negative comments should actually be
      of interest to you so you can avoid similar problems in the
      future.  In the event that a post is WAY out of line we may pull
      it from the archives upon review. Contact support at s-cars.org
      <mailto:support at s-cars.org> if you have any concerns.


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