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What a relief to here something other than a horror story from an S4 owner! I have a 2001 Imola Avant with the lease terminating in November. Reading about all the misfortunes of other owners I was beginning to think I should bail out of this car before I became the next victim. My car has been flawless since delivery and the dealer even went halvsies on the replacement of a fog lamp that had an unfortunate meeting with a rock. Anybody else had a good experience? Hearing about it would sure help deflate my paranoia. I love this car!

To those of you that have had less that rewarding ownership experiences I wish a turn around for you all. No one who pays for an E ticket ride deserves anything less.

the karmann

RichRov at aol.com wrote:

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>You people are writing about some car I know nothing about.  I have a 2000
>S-4 with over 60,000 miles on it and Audi and my dealer have been great.
>They have replaced the DV's and TBB without complaint and have totally stood
>behind their work.  In addition, my friends own 6 Audi's of various types and
>they have all had the same experience with AOA and our dealer.  I guess it's
>the color, mine is stealth silver.
>Richard Tems
>2000 S-4, 6-speed
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