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Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Thu Apr 24 15:33:53 EDT 2003

No major issues here either.  The few minor problems were taken care of
by the dealer and I still love the car.  The recent thread does make
me a little nervous and I have been more religious about the warm-up and
cool-down of the turbos, and I hope to be able to keep this car for the
long haul.  So much is "right" with this car I'd hate to have a spoiled

Recent rains had made me put off washing the car, but I plan to do that
and get it all spiffy looking as soon as the California sunshine returns.
Hopefully that would appease the Audi gods! :-)

2003 A4 1.8T multitronic
2001 S4 biturbo 6-sp
1984 5000S turbo
1980 4000 2.0 5-sp
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mrdezign at netscape.net writes:
> What a relief to here something other than a horror story from an S4 owner!=
>  I have a 2001 Imola Avant with the lease terminating in November. Reading =
> about all the misfortunes of other owners I was beginning to think I should=
>  bail out of this car before I became the next victim. My car has been flaw=
> less since delivery and the dealer even went halvsies on the replacement of=
>  a fog lamp that had an unfortunate meeting with a rock. Anybody else had a=
>  good experience? Hearing about it would sure help deflate my paranoia. I l=
> ove this car!
> To those of you that have had less that rewarding ownership experiences I w=
> ish a turn around for you all. No one who pays for an E ticket ride deserve=
> s anything less.

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