[BiturboS4] warranty work

Michael Kuriger michael at isuzu-mods.com
Thu Apr 24 15:47:04 EDT 2003

My 01 avant is in the dealer as we speak.  I bought it a couple months
ago from my friend in NJ.  it only had 8000 miles on it when I got it!!
 anyway, it started off as a hissing sound about a week ago, and a
thumping sound, and a scraping sound.  Well, turns out that the scraping
sound was due to another audi dealer installing my caliper wrong so they
paid to have that replaced.  The thumping is a motor mount and that is
getting fixed too.  but the hissing sound is a turbo pressure leak and
audi said it's not a defect and that it was damaged from the accident my
friend got in before I bought the car (so no warranty coverage).  They
even had an aoa rep take a look at it to make sure.  But the dealer my
friend took it to to have it fixed replaced the radiator and front
bumper but didn't dig deep enough to find the intercooler pipe damage.
 So now my audi dealership here in california needs to contanc my
friend's insurance company in new jersey to have these repairs added to
his claim.  So We'll see how this one goes!  I sure don't want to pay
out $2000 to fix a hose just because they need to remove the whole
engine to get to it... :-(

Mike Kuriger

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