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Two more data points:

Up until a week ago, we had 2 S4s, a 2000S4 (wife's), and a 2002S4Avant
(mine). Both Silver. Both of them have appx 20k miles on them. My wife's has
been flawless except for a loose wastegate rod (fixed by dealer). My S4Avant
had a leaky seal on the turbo that manifested immediately after delivery,
and was fixed by the dealer, but was otherwise perfect.

I still worry about the potential big ticket items, but we bought an
extended warranty for my wife's car to cover that risk.

I traded my S4Avant for a 996c2 last week. Talk about the possibility of
expensive repairs :(


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I think its very easy to say what has gone wrong. No one
every complains when things go right.. And
complaining can be so much fun!!! I love my S4, and its been
a very reliable car. I am just over 70k
miles on a 2000 S4, which was delivered Oct. 1999. A friend
of mine at work has one too. He is at
about 35k, and We talk cars all the time. His car has been

These care complicated cars, that are very expensive to fix.
I knew that going in. I dont think I have
been "lucky" by not having problems I think its the norm. But
yes.. the people who have problems are
certainly "unlucky." I understand that there are higher than
average failures on these cars... But what is
average? The S4 aint no Honda!

My mods are: APR chip w/ 93 program, and bosch sport DV's

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>What a relief to here something other than a horror story
from an S4 owner! I have a 2001 Imola Avant with the lease
terminating in November. Reading about all the misfortunes of
other owners I was beginning to think I should bail out of
this car before I became the next victim. My car has been
flawless since delivery and the dealer even went halvsies on
the replacement of a fog lamp that had an unfortunate meeting
with a rock. Anybody else had a good experience? Hearing
about it would sure help deflate my paranoia. I love this car!
>To those of you that have had less that rewarding ownership
experiences I wish a turn around for you all. No one who pays
for an E ticket ride deserves anything less.
>the karmann
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>>You people are writing about some car I know nothing
about.  I have a 2000
>>S-4 with over 60,000 miles on it and Audi and my dealer
have been great.
>>They have replaced the DV's and TBB without complaint and
have totally stood
>>behind their work.  In addition, my friends own 6 Audi's of
various types and
>>they have all had the same experience with AOA and our
dealer.  I guess it's
>>the color, mine is stealth silver.
>>Richard Tems
>>2000 S-4, 6-speed
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