[BiturboS4] Suggested Mods for B5 S4: Help would be appreciated!

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Fri Apr 25 22:08:46 EDT 2003

Erik J. Engstrom writes:
> a performance chip (unknown brand)

Controversial, but will give a big bang for the buck (maybe pun intended).
Look at offerings from ABT, MTM, APR, GIAC and others.

> a cold air intake or intake upgrade (unknown brand or benefit)


> improved suspension for cornering and load (unknown brand and quantifiable
> benefit)

If you want to stiffen up the ride then this is a good move.  A favorite
seems to be H&R coilovers.

> upgraded brake pads or rotor/pads/caliper assembly (unknown brand, pro/cons
> of each benefit would be nice)

Not many possibilities if you keep the stock calipers and rotors, but
if you want to spend $$$ then the sky is the limit.  Stoptech makes
a good system, as do others.

> driveline stabilizer (unknown brand or quantifiable benefit)

Good upgrade to minimize engine/transmission rocking, gives better
shifts.  UUC makes one, and I am sure others do too.  Probably not
too much difference between brands.

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