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Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Sat Apr 26 01:04:29 EDT 2003

j y writes:
> You have to stay on top of maintnenance with Porsches.

Ditto with Audis.  None of these cars are drive-and-forget-it
transportation appliances.

> I also noticed that my turbo and intercooler are much
> bigger on my 86 Porsche than the units in my Y2K S4.

Yes, that is because your Porsche was built in the '80s when
the manufacturers' philosophy of turbocharging was a bit different.
'80s Audi turbo cars came with much bigger turbos too (K24 and K26).
Nowadays smaller, fast spooling turbos are used to reduce lag and
build boost at low RPMS.  Also, while the S4 biturbo's intercoolers
are small, there are two of them.  If you want larger intercoolers
for your S4, swap in the RS4 units.

> Hmmm..turbos & intercoolers..another casualty of
> corporate downsizing.

"Corporate downsizing" implies cost cutting, which has nothing
to do with the reason why Audi uses the small K03s in the recent

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