[BiturboS4] Blown Turbos - Another Update - Change In Perspective About AoA

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Sat Apr 26 01:25:54 EDT 2003

To The List,

I paid another visit to the Audi dealer yesterday
(Friday - April 25th). My beloved Imola Y2K S4 was in
major surgery.

The engine was completely out of the car. The dealer
showed me the damaged starboard (right side - for
non-boaters) turbo. The impeller was clearly damaged.

The dealer stated "that a foreign object must have
damaged the impeller." In his professional opinion
"the cause of damage was not mechanical/design defect
or turbo coking."

The dealer also discovered "metal shavings" in the
starboard intercooler. They could not find any other
foreign objects in the intake system aside from the
metal shavings.

So, the final count is one damaged turbo and one
damaged intercooler, car is 2.9k mi out of warranty.

After viewing various parts of my engine (intake
system, turbos, inter-coolers, etc.)in a stripped
state, I have to conclude that "coking" was not the
issue with my S4.

Since the S4 intake is basically a closed system, I am
at a loss on the "metal shavings" that I observed in
the intercooler. The only mod that I made to S4 (prior
to my turbo failure) was the installation of
Stratmosphere DVs. Nothing else.

AoA is still willing to go 50/50 on repairs which now
includes two (2) new inter-coolers and the replacement
of the turbos. An additional hour of labor (for the
inter-coolers) is also included.

My out of pocket will increase from $2700 to
approximately $3k. Too late for K04s, the dealer
already installed the updated K03s.

While the dealer had the engine out of the car, they
discovered a significant coolant leak, and will be
replacing my coolant reservoir too.

As I mentioned in previous posts, my car has serviced
EXCLUSIVELY at THIS Audi dealer. I told them to check
the service computer. They did  - nothing they could

Some advice, make sure that you continually take your
car to the SAME Audi dealer for servicing. Also, if
you are the original owner, try and use the dealer
where you purchased the car for servicing too. I know
that this is a NO BRAINER - but I am surprised at how
many car owners break these simple practices.

In closing,I am OUT of WARRANTY and they is no CLEAR
CUT evidence that my blown turbo is the result of a
mechanical defect (of production origin). So, I have
to give AoA credit for continuing to honor their
original offer of 50/50.


P.S. I want to thank those who e-mailed me "off-line"
with support and suggestions. You guys know who you

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