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Sat Apr 26 22:46:31 EDT 2003

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As most of you know, I love the cars, hate the company (AoA) because of how
my family has been treated, and love being an ACCNA instructor.  I've also
"known" Wally Green for many years on the GTiVR6 list, since 1996 or 1997 if
I'm not mistaken.  Wally is certainly colorful, and clearly takes pride in
"spicing things up" with some sarcasm, talk of beer, and offers to trade used
car parts for half-eaten bologna sandwiches.  Some won't appreciate his humor
or bandwidth usage.  I personally have not agreed with Wally and his opinions
many times over the years.

That said, I also believe that Wally is a good hearted person, honest
(despite the profession) and is a "straight talker."  He is also a lover of
cars and all things VW and Audi.  What else can you ask for in a man?  I've
been proud to call him a friend over the years.

Mark Rosenkrantz
AudiBiTurbo at aol.com

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