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Sun Apr 27 00:44:34 EDT 2003

Is your "shop" an authorized AoA dealer?

If your "shop" is an authorized AoA dealer were they
willing to document your statement about OEM turbo
damage being a warranty item (was it described that
way on your repair order)?

Because I am getting the typical dealer run-around
regarding these shavings.

Nobody is willing to put anything in writing about my
turbo damage - including AoA - I just have a claim
nbr. Supposedly, my problems have been documented, and
my 50/50 coverage will be honored by AoA.


--- "Erik J. Engstrom" <engstrom at rawbw.com> wrote:
> Metal shavings were found as described in one of my
> turbo's as well. They
> described this as impeller failure at my shop. It is
> a warrany item because
> the stock original B5 K03 turbos sucked and had very
> loose tolerances. This
> is a common, really common flaw from their use.
> There is no excuse for not covering the turbo under
> any conditions. These
> turbos fail consistently.
> Erik
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