[BiturboS4] Ti Kan's Website

Erik J. Engstrom engstrom at rawbw.com
Sun Apr 27 09:56:24 EDT 2003


I'm on a dialup on the road and I finally ventured onto your website. Have
to say that is one of the best organized, simple and well communicated sites
available. My hat is off to you, I really enjoyed learning about you and
your interests, your motivations and such. Are you still looking for

If you folks have a few minutes go and take a peek at Ti's site,
http://www.amb.org/ti/ as has spent a good deal of time and effort and puts
up a very nice website.

By the way, our musical tastes are very similar. I'm also the son of a
lifelong audiophile. If you haven't already I highly recommend checking out
a band named Interpol from New York. They have done four trips to the SF Bay
and have sold out each time. Their first album "Turn On The Bright Lights"
is my top choice from 2002. I think you'll find its not only good music, but
perfectly engineered (although on CD) for high fidelity.



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