[BiturboS4] Bose stereo pin-outs?

David Lau toomanycars at mac.com
Mon Apr 28 11:06:49 EDT 2003

There's other means of muting the stereo and sending cellphone audio to the
little door speaker. Probably grounding one of the wires to the head unit. I
believe that is on Audiworld, maybe if you search cellphone adapters. I
bought a unit for my Nokia which someone built up interfacing with the DB25
in the trunk. It works like factory, muting the stereo, displaying "phone"
on the head unit and dash, and going hands-free. Had to replace the mic in
the overhead console too.

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Anyone got the pin-outs for the Bose stereo? I've tried looking on
www.audiworld.com but not found anything! There's a diagram on the top
of the actual unit but it's not conclusive! What seems a little odd is
that if I disconnect the speaker wires (the ones in the middle block,
above the power), it has no effect and the sound still comes out! So I
guess they're not being used and that there's something coming out of
the top block that's possibly being amp'd by an external amp

I'm trying to fit a Parrot CK3000 handsfree kit, y'see!


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