[BiturboS4] Couple of Questions

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Mon Apr 28 12:17:10 EDT 2003

Brent Putzel writes:
> ...
> unusually high wear on that portion of the tire.  So I mount the new S03's
> and then ask the dealer to take a look at the alignment to ensure that there
> isn't a problem that will cause this kind of wear on the new tires.  They
> claim that the alignment is perfect and that the wear I saw is to be
> expected.  Then they further claimed that Audi recommends against any form
> of rotating of tires.  I coulda sworn that they rotated my Michelins at one
> of my scheduled maintenance periods.  Can someone confirm that I should see
> this type of wear on a "perfect" alignment and that rotating the tires is
> taboo?

You should rotate the tire between the front and rear, but the
tire should stay on the same side of the car (so that the direction
of tire motion is not reversed).  This will maximize tire life.

> 2) I recently returned from a one week vacation and started my car and the
> Check Engine light came on and stayed on.  I consulted the owners manual and
> it said to drive the car as little as possible and get the car checked ASAP.
> I called Audi this morning for an appointment and the guy says as long as
> the light isn't blinking I am okay to drive the car and they scheduled me
> for an appointment for tomorrow.  Can this be correct?  The manual was
> fairly specific and it doesn't say anything anywhere about blinking.

Argh.  I would get a different dealer.

I assume that this is on your S4.  If you have a friend who has VAG-COM
you can hook it up and see what the fault is.  Based on that fault you
can then determine whether it is serious enough to drive the car or not.
Or if this is a possibly a transient or owner-correctable condition.

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