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Mon Apr 28 23:05:31 EDT 2003

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You should definately rotate your tires.  With a good alignment the tires
will wear fairly evenly between the inside and outside edges (inside due to
negative camber and toe-in, outside edges due to understeer in cornering).
In fact, the least wear is in the center with a properly inflated tire.

The maintenance does call for rotation.

The dealer is correct about the MIL light.  When it flashes, pull over and
shut off the car immediately.  When it's mearly "on" continuously, drive as
minimal as reasonable and be easy on the car when accelerating.  I'm sure
your owner's manual makes a similar distinction.  FWIW, all OBD compliant
cars (any car 1996 and newer) work the same way with the MIL ("check engine")

Best of luck,
Mark Rosenkrantz
AudiBiTurbo at aol.com

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