[BiturboS4] took a chance on some tires...

Walter J Green Jr vr6pilot at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 30 13:00:19 EDT 2003


had zero time, and one of my REO40s was BALD on the outside edge. So, went
to Mavis Discount Tire to see what they might have (thought I might get
lucky and get some nice Continentals, Falkens, or the like).

Guys says, "nope, nothing like that. wanna see my economy tire?" I'm
thinking, "my azz i want that on this car son", but instead I say, "nah
that's ok man, can you order me something?"....he persists with "dude you
gotta check out this tire". the above 2 sentences were repeated a few more
times, when finallly I said, "ok, break it out man."

Then, I saw it. looked hot. aggressive tread pattern (uni-diractional
mounting), awesome rim protector protruberance. i flung it around the show
room for awhile. Sat on it, kicked it, punched the side walls. wore it as a
hat. it was nice. Z-rated, etc. Sidewall was nice and stiff.

I was sold. I looked at the gummy sticker on there and it said "Champiro".
Hmmm, never heard of that before. Hmmm. Made in Malaysia. "Well, hey, lotta
rubber there" i thought.

So I bought 4.

Had them for less than 1,000 miles so far. But I like them. HUGE improvement
over the REO40 Blowtenzas.

Too early to tell long term coolness.....But, they *are* sticky in the wet &
dry, handle great, and are not noisy.

'01 S4
Springtime Imola Glory

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