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Russell, welcome to the group. You should find most of what you need for your
A6 2.7T in this group (engine basically the same).

Regarding chips, there's been a lot posted and opinions fly each way about
which is best. Someone on this group did a chip "shoot out" (was it Ti?) where
they dynoed a car with different chips so you can ask them. Here's what I've
found by testing out the different chips in my car and racing other S4s: Abt
(AMS) is the smoothest for everyday driving (91-93 octane). It's just as fast
as the GIAC-x but not as jerky. The GIAC-x is not as smooth as the Abt but it
adapts to higher octane better and so if you plan to race the GIAC-x will be
fast with higher octane gas. Ask me for VAG logs if you want to see - the
timing advancement is amazing with the GIAC-x during higher octane. The MTM
pulls strong down low but wimps out above 5k rpm...not something I like very
much. It's just as fast as the others on 91-93 octane. I haven't tested the
APR but I would stay away from it based on what I've heard on the
newsgroups...their timing advancement isn't great and the chip isn't as fast
as the others. Granted, they have the ability to shift out of "chipped" mode
and into "stock" mode but the dealers are becoming very savvy. I would
recommend that you purchase an entire ECU with chip and keep your stock ECU
for when you go to the dealer. This way, the dealer won't know.

So, if you plan to race, get GIAC-x. If you use it as a daily driver, get Abt.
My $0.02.

One closing comment: driver skills count more than anything else. An excellent
stock driver can beat a crappy chipped driver. Case in point: my first time at
the 1/4 mile strip I messed up the launch and got a 14.5 sec. run (this is
with a chip). A stock driver pulled a 14.0. How you launch, how/when you
shift, reaction time, etc all counts for more than the hp you get.

Good luck, Carter.
>From: Russell Romano
>To: "'biturbos4 at audifans.com'"
>Subject: [BiturboS4] New to the list...
>Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2003 12:08:43 -0700
>I just subscribed to the list and thought I'd introduce myself and fish for a
little information.
>I've been driving a '96 A4 2.8Q for about 4 years and I'm in the process of
selling it and purchasing a 2000 A6 2.7T. I looked through the Audifans lists
and didn't see an A6 list, so I figured this was the most appropriate place to
talk about the A6 2.7T.
>I pick up the car later this week and I'm sure I'll have questions after I
get it home... but these are the things on my mind right now:
>1) I would be interested in stepping the Hp up to the 300 range with a chip
at some time in the not too distant future. I like the idea of being able to
return to the stock program so I'm leaning toward the APR stage I. Does anyone
have a strong recommendation to go a different route? Are there other
manufacturers that provide a "switchable" program option with their chips?
>2) My new A6 has a navigation system, but it was originally sold in New
England and therefore has a CDROM that doesn't cover my region (NE
Pennsylvania). Does anyone know of a good source to purchase navigation system
CDROMs? I'd love to find a complete set of CDs used.
>Thanks in advance...
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