[BiturboS4] Selling my S4

John Koenig johnkoenig at greennet.net
Thu Aug 21 17:48:07 EDT 2003

How about a "4-Motion" Passat wagon (longer wheelbase) ... and you can't get
a W8 in an Audi!

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Hey all, I'm selling my 01 S4 Avant.  It's just a little cramped in the
back seat for 3 kids all in car seats.   anyone have a recommendation of
suv's with 3 row seating?  I like the lincoln aviator and the dodge
durango, but the durango has drum brakes in the back - yuk!

2001.5 S4 Avant
Asking $35,500
Miles almost 20,000
Color: White Perl
Interior: Black
Location: Santa Clarita, CA (just north of Los Angeles)

Has stainless dual exhaust from purchased on 3/7/03 from awe tuning (stock
exhaust available too)
Has GIAC X chip purchased on 3/7/03 from awe tuning (still have stock ecu as
Has a spare full size 17 inch stock wheel and tire, brand new
Has rubber floor mats

If anyone is interested, let me know.  I took over the lease for my friend
in New Jersey at the beginning of the year.  It had only 8000 miles on it
when I got it and it's been across the country a couple times.  3000 mile
oil changes (audi says 10,000 miles are they nuts?)

Mike Kuriger

daniel chisholm wrote:

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>Hello All,
>I would like to let everyone know I am selling my 2001.5 S4. If anyone is
interested please pass this along.
>Thank You,
>Dan Chisholm
>mailto:dchisholm at seic.com
>2001.5 (New Badge)
>Asking $31,500
>Miles 30,500
>Color: Black
>Interior: Black
>Location: Lansdale Pennsyavania (30 min outside Philadelphia)
>Cold Weather
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