[BiturboS4] for sale S4s

Steven Lin steven at juniper.net
Fri Aug 22 10:07:06 EDT 2003

Michael Kuriger writes:

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> Mine is a tiptronic wagon.  The kids do fit, but it's really tight as
> they are all in car seats still.  I used to have a dodge durango with 3
> row seating but it was replaced by the S4 when it was stolen.  It had
> 35" tires and attracted some attention.  I like suv's since I need a
> vehicle that can haul the family plus tow my racecar.  I can't tow with
> the S4 either.  I might just have to keep the S4 though and get an SUV
> also.  I don't really drive the S4 too often so the liles are really low
> (19,000) until recently.  It had 8000 miles on it 6 months ago!  I love
> the allroad, but they look identical to my S4 as far as interior room.
> I haven't looked at volvos - that name just doesn't sound "cool".  :-)

How about the S6 Avant?  :-D


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