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Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Fri Aug 22 23:38:07 EDT 2003

Al Adler writes:
>     First of all the car has a couple of problems( I got it fairly
> cheap, so they were expected).  The tiptronic doesn't work unless you
> hold the lever about halfway to the upshift position - based on the
> fault codes pulled from a Vagcom it seems the Tip switch in the console
> is busted - anyone seen this before?

No, but according to the symptom you describe, and if VAG-COM says so,
it's probably right.

> I'll be looking
> for some OEM replacement rims so any suggestions for sources would be
> appreciated.

Used OEM Avus 17x7.5 ET45 rims appear routinely on the Audiworld.com
classified area and ebay, so watch for that.  However, there is also a
Avus replica 17x7.5 ET35 wheel that looks almost identical to the real
thing.  Only those with photographic memory and a sharp eye will be
able to tell a difference (the trapezoid shaped indentations at the
end of the spokes are a little different).  The price is much more
economical than the original factory wheels.  You can get a set of
the replicas new for the price of a set of used OEMs.  The Wheel Exchange
sells the replicas ( http://www.wheelexchange.com ).

> guy who did the balancing at Autothority said my tie rods have a
> dangerous amount of play in them and need to be replaced ASAP. Is this
> normal for 52k miles? And how much play is too much, and how do you test
> for this? The car just passed a safety inspection and the steering feels
> pretty good now that the bent wheel is in the back.

Maybe the bent wheel and the associated vibration is what wore out
the tie rod ends.

>     I'm looking at chipping the car. I think I've looked at almost every
> chip out there but I've narrowed the field to GIAC and APR based on the
> chip selection ability. My wife may occasionally drive this and I don't
> ...

There is a limit of how far you could push things on a tiptronic car
anyway, or else you risk damaging the transmission.  Other than that
there are some past posts on this list, and the audiworld.com forums
so search the archives.  Also check out http://www.s4biturbo.com .

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