[BiturboS4] New to list, a little long

Miikka Salonen miikka.salonen at kolumbus.fi
Sun Aug 24 23:32:48 EDT 2003

First, welcome to the list.

>chip selection ability. My wife may occasionally drive this and I
>think she would be up to the sort of power a chip would add- stock
>be more than enough for her so I'd like the capability to switch back
>and forth without opening the hood and pulling the brain. GIAC seems

I have strong opinion about this: If your wife is not able to use
accelerator otherwise than on/off switch, don't let her drive even
with stock car. 2.7 Biturbo engine delivers power very smoothly, even
with bigger turbos, so chip won't be bigger problem. The stock S4 is
powerfull enough to create accidents if you don't know how to control
the power. If your wife is not confident with the car, tell her that
my wife drives even less than 1000 miles/year and she can drive both
my more then chip tuned biturbo and 380hp urS4 with not so smooth
power delivery without any problems. She just don't push pedal to the
floor, even when passing cars.


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