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I have a 2K Silver S4 6sp with lots of happy miles I put on it. I have an
Alpine DVD ROM GPS which was installed shortly after I bought the car. I
love the Alpine DVD Based GPS. I plan to install the Alpine IVA-D900 flip
screen system with the Alpine HDA-5460 Hard Disk MP3 player. This means that
I will replace the OEM CD changer with an Alpine CD changer and replace my
Pioneer XM Receiver with an Alpine TUA-T021XM Tuner Module. BTW I installed
the Pioneer XM Receiver about 1 1/2 years ago and I find that I listen to XM
Radio about 98% of the time. I also integrated my Nokia mobile with the Audi
aftermarket parts for a clean hands-free installation with auto answer /
auto muting. The phone works great. It requires both Nokia (or other) and
Audi aftermarket parts.

I am only waiting for money to perform the audio modifications.

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I've been thinking of upgrading the audio console in my S4 for ages.  For
one, I've been wanting a system where I can play mp3's off of a burned CD,
rather than havin to lug my mp3 player in the car with me.  Anyone know of
a solution for this?

Secondly, I've hated (as have others) the navigational system which comes
with the Audi's.  Compared to the Pioneer systems I've seen in some Benz
and Infinit's, I think it's severely lacking.

Has anyone taken any steps to upgrade their audio console to something
with a flip screen, and taken the extra step to tying it into the existing
car's nav system?  I've taken a look at:

Pioneer AVIC-9DVD

Any thoughts or ideas?


'01 Silver S4
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