[BiturboS4] Re: New to list, a little long

Al Adler adlere at sourcecodecorp.com
Sun Aug 24 21:25:55 EDT 2003

Hi all,
    Thanks for the replies. I got the car jacked up today and got a good
look at the tie rod problem. It turns out the dust boots are completely
shot, and the tie rod joints are dry and loose. Not only that but a
couple of the dust boots on the upper control arms are tearing open as
well.  The tie rod ends are shot thats for sure, does anyone know if the
dust boots for the upper control arms are available as a seperate part
or should I be control arm shopping as well? I'm baffled as to why the
dust boots are so decayed on a car thats only 3 years old and 52k miles
- I've seen 20 year dust boots in better shape than my S4's. I'm going
to have to deal with them ASAP.
    As for the chip I'd love to know if anyone here has a APR chip on a
S4 tip with the GIAC reprogrammed Tip Controller and how well they work
together. I'd like to go with a all GIAC setup but GIAC's IBE chip
switch is backordered and rumoured to be troublesome - so APR may be my
only alternative if I want multiple programs. I'd really like to have a
low power program like APR's valet program for novices to the car,
valets, the wife, etc. I'm sure my wife would adjust to the car fine
even with a chip but I want to save whats left of the turbos for me.
Plus I'd never get her to remember no turbo when cold, let it cool off
for a bit before turning it off, and other good turbo care.  I know a
turbo timer can help out but I've got some maintenance to do before I'm
going to get time for the turbo timer and accessories.
    I have to say the throttle response and tranmission programming are
very different from my A4 30v V6 Tip. The S4 seems much more sensitive
to the same amount of movement in the gas pedal, more than just the
turbos would account for - I've driven before and after turbo setups so
I have some experience with that. I guess with the drive by wire they
just programmed it different from the A4 which in my case actually has a
real throttle cable. Also, the S4's brakes are touchy compared with the
A4 as well. The rest of the car drives the same about the same allowing
for the stiffer suspension. At the end of the day the S4 is a lot of
fun compared with the A4.
    I do have one last wheel question - does anyone know if any of the
S4 AVUS clone wheels are any lighter than the stock wheels? The stock
wheels  are heavy buggers, 28lb each, and I'm sure the handling would be
improved with less unsprung weight. I like the appearance but they're
just too heavy.
Thanks for any info,

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