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I concur, Mikka!

It would be like putting a governor on a S6 Avant! But I see plenty of women
driving around their kids in the 340hp S6 Avant! Owning a german car requires
that one know how to drive.

No offense intended....just strong opinions from the enthusiasts!


>From: "Miikka Salonen"
>To: "Al Adler" ,
>Subject: RE: [BiturboS4] New to list, a little long
>Date: Sun, 24 Aug 2003 22:32:48 +0300
>First, welcome to the list.
> >chip selection ability. My wife may occasionally drive this and I
> >think she would be up to the sort of power a chip would add- stock
> >be more than enough for her so I'd like the capability to switch back
> >and forth without opening the hood and pulling the brain. GIAC seems
>I have strong opinion about this: If your wife is not able to use
>accelerator otherwise than on/off switch, don't let her drive even
>with stock car. 2.7 Biturbo engine delivers power very smoothly, even
>with bigger turbos, so chip won't be bigger problem. The stock S4 is
>powerfull enough to create accidents if you don't know how to control
>the power. If your wife is not confident with the car, tell her that
>my wife drives even less than 1000 miles/year and she can drive both
>my more then chip tuned biturbo and 380hp urS4 with not so smooth
>power delivery without any problems. She just don't push pedal to the
>floor, even when passing cars.
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