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Al Adler adlere at sourcecodecorp.com
Mon Aug 25 12:50:34 EDT 2003

California Fields wrote:

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>Play in tierods is not good. Previous guy probably bashed the curb a few
>times. Have it fixed.
>For chips, the APR is known to have a dead spot around 4k rpm. That, and it's
>overall lower power, make it less desirable than other chips for many people.
>They have a new v5.0 out (just released) and I'm listening to the feedback on
Yeah, I test drove a car with an APR chip and experienced that first
hand. I wasn't sure if it was the chip or an engine problem. If thats
still in the new APR version I think I'll wait for the GIAC IBE chip
switch to get back in stock

>Speaking of AW (www.audiworld.com[1]) there is a marketplace section where you
>can look for used ECUs. Usually, they will be chipped ones.
Unfortunately my S4 has the "B"  version of the chip which appears to be
fairly rare. I've checked the AW classified a few times and I haven't
found one for sale yet. I've also been looking for used ones through
recyclers and they don't seem to have any either.

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