[BiturboS4] Audi Test Drive Event?

Brian at TouchTech Systems brian at touchtechsystems.com
Mon Aug 25 10:19:24 EDT 2003

This is what you are talking about...

I just did this last Saturday here in Seattle. Well done and kind of fun.

Audi should do something like this. A few years ago I was invited to do this
same thing and after talking to some of the driving instructors during lunch
I asked why were there only comparing the BMW and Volvo to the MB and not an
Audi? Two of them replied that the Audi would have the same if not better
specs and later I was told that some of the instructors have Audis in their

Still a fun a event to do and it sure feels good to climb into an Audi for
the drive home.
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> We had one about a month or so ago in L.A.  it wasn't at the track but
> they invited us down to check out the new S6
> Mike
> Aurangzeb M. Agha wrote:
>> A friend of mine told me of a Benz Test Drive event here in Boston a
>> couple of weeks ago where they brought out some of the newest in their
>> line, and let people tear them up on the tracks.  He said he heard that
>> Audi was going to do something similiar.  Anyone heard of anything like
>> this or know the details?
>> Rgs,
>> Zeb
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