[BiturboS4] S4 Buying

Greg Pollock gbp_14 at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 26 16:51:00 EDT 2003

I am new to the list as well as Audis.  I am in the market for a new car and
narrowed it down to a 2000 BMW 328ci or 2000 Audi S4.  In my area they both
sell for about the same price.  Right now I am leaning towards the S4 due to
the increased horsepower and torque as well as having all wheel drive.  My
question is I understand there are some engine differences between the 2000
and 2001.5 models, can anyone explain to me in laymen's terms what the
differences are?  Where the changes due to ineffective engine design in the
new engine?  If I were to buy a 2000 would I experience more mechanical
problems versus a 2001.5?  Lastly, are the S4s relatively easy to maintain
and do scheduled maintenance like engine and transmission oil changes, etc?
Thanks for your help.

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