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    I have to take exception to that - I also have to use the gas pedal(
in way too small amounts) to get there and the brake pedal(way too
frequently) if I don't want to hit someone. But yes, I'm only driving at
a few percent of capacity which seems to be what you're getting at. But
the both the A4 and S4 at least are pleasant cars to be in even if they
aren't going fast and the automatics don't complain even in stop and go.
    Yeah, the tip is slower and mushier than a manual. Anytime you get a
torque coverter thats the nature of the beast. What I'd really like to
check out is a multitronic quattro when they get around to making them.
No torque converter to slush things up at all, but complete variability
with full manual and full automatic modes. No clutch though if they're
necessary to you. I think they still have a few bugs to work out though.
    Allentown, huh? I've been stuck in traffic around there. I used to
live near West Chester and drive up to upstate NY through your area. I
recall getting stuck on  22 a few times.  In a manual.
I guess if you stay away from the city that helps.

Russell Romano wrote:

> I fully agree that a manual in traffic is complete misery.  I don't
> "commute" and I avoid traffic at all costs.  But you basically agreed
> (in different words) that 90% of the time you are "steering" the car,
> not driving it.  Stop and go traffic is not what an audi does well...
> so you may enjoy the amenities of the luxury aspect of the car, but
> the subtleties of the car that make it a driver's machine are lost in
> that environment.
> As for it becoming a moot point... that might happen if they hang on
> to the FULL manual aspect, including a clutch, and add an automatic
> override mode.  If they simple add "tip" functions to an automatic
> trans they can keep it.  I haven't driven a auto-manual yet that
> actually responds IMMEDIATELY.  The lexus trans with the buttons on
> the wheel was pretty decent, but still not a substitute for a real
> manual trans.  Now, I'm not claiming that I'm "faster" with a manual
> or I can shift better than the automatic, just that I don't feel like
> I'm "driving" the car unless I have complete control over the trans
> including the clutch, not just the gear ratios.
> I'm certainly in the minority because even in areas like this
> (Allentown, PA) where traffic is virtually non-existent, > 99% of cars
> sold are automatics.  That might drop a bit in the Audi/BMW/VW style
> cars, but it is still the vast majority.
> I just had to travel 250 miles to pick up my A6 with a manual trans.
> Even the 2.7T A6 which would inherently attract a more
> "enthusiast"-type buyer are mostly all automatics.
> -Russ
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>     As a Tip owner who considers himself a driving ethusiast I'll say
>     I used to feel the same way you did before I moved to northern VA.
>     Why did I buy a Tip then? Two reasons:
>         #1, while you still can't beat a manual for 0-60, weight, and
>     overall torque capacity the 5 speed Tip tranmission is vastly unit
>     over the typical American 4 sp of the early 90's.  It  actually is
>     rated for the same MPG as the manual in the S4 so its an efficient
>     unit. It usually is in the gear I want; I seldom even have to use
>     the Tip function in everyday driving.
>         #2, due the the miserable unceasing traffic in the DC area
>     most of the time I'm driving shifting gets to be an chore. Add in
>     a cell phone, stereo, beverages, and other distractions having the
>     hand free is useful to staying on the road. When you're stuck in
>     stop and go traffic I don't think anyone finds shifting fun; some
>     of you are fortunate enough that where you live isn't a traffic
>     nightmare - yet.
>         Overall, I miss the manual on the open road or during spirited
>     driving. I wish that was more than a few percent of my driving
>     time. For the other 90% of my driving time when the car is really
>     just transporting me while I'm stuck behind some idiot who's
>     slowing me down to the speed limit or less I appreciate that the
>     Tip is doing the work for me and I can still enjoy the luxuries of
>     the S4. Maybe I'm just getting lazy.
>         The other thing I'll miss is building some sort of sick Stage
>     4 type setup but I'll probably get a lot more life out of the
>     engine this way and spend a lot less. I still have a manual in my
>     old Callaway Scirocco if ever get the itch to shift. And with the
>     way transmission tech is going I'll bet soon this arguement will
>     be moot; with the clutchless manuals and multitronic technologies
>     coming along you'll soon have the best of both worlds - full
>     manual or full automatic in the same efficient lightweight box  in
>     a car that doesn't cost as much as a house.
>     Russell Romano wrote:
>>I'd say most... no offense to anyone here, but the vast majority of these=
 cars are sold as automatics!!!  What does that say about the "driving enth=
usiast" level of the buyers?  I think most people buy german cars to expres=
s their financial status, not because they understand the difference inhere=
nt in the car itself.
>>In certain BIG cars that you are never going to drive hard I can understa=
nd it, other than that, an automatic transmission belongs in a mini-van.  O=
nce you give up the manual trans YOU are no longer "driving" the car, you a=
re simply steering it.
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>>>There are many people in BMWs and Mercs that don't seem
>>>especially held up
>>>by that "requirement," not to mention Audis and Volkswagens!
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>>>>Owning a german car requires that one know how to drive.
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