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4 months ago was in search of a fun car, and considered the BMW 328ci.
I took a 330ci for a ride, and was moderately impressed (after getting out
of my
Grand Cherokee).  In my search for BMW's, I passed an Audi dealership and
decided to look at the S4.

I took a test ride in this machine, and it was instant love.  It had
fantastic pickup,
but more importantly, it was connected to the road.  The salesman urged me
press it through the corners.  It had been awhile since I had a car that
so I set no speed record thru the turns, but I got the message that here is
car that
you can drive.

I found a 2001.5 model with 16000 miles.  Paid $33000 for it, which included
certification, which takes  protection out to 2007.    Paid more than I  was
initially going to spend.  My suggestion is to buy it from a dealer and only
at cars that are certified.  Because these are hot cars out of the box, it
is important
to get a car that has been driven, but not abused.

Try driving the BMW and Audi in wet weather, and you will see the
The later S4's have ESP, which I consider an important addition.

Good luck in your search

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> I am new to the list as well as Audis.  I am in the market for a new car
> narrowed it down to a 2000 BMW 328ci or 2000 Audi S4.  In my area they
> sell for about the same price.  Right now I am leaning towards the S4 due
> the increased horsepower and torque as well as having all wheel drive.  My
> question is I understand there are some engine differences between the
> and 2001.5 models, can anyone explain to me in laymen's terms what the
> differences are?  Where the changes due to ineffective engine design in
> new engine?  If I were to buy a 2000 would I experience more mechanical
> problems versus a 2001.5?  Lastly, are the S4s relatively easy to maintain
> and do scheduled maintenance like engine and transmission oil changes,
> Thanks for your help.
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