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Wed Aug 27 10:32:00 EDT 2003

The differences between the 00 and 01.5 include:

--enlarged oil lines, different part numbers on the turbos (presumably they
made an internal change).
these changes were initiated to improve oil flow to the turbos

--intake manifold and f-hose - 01.5 has a design that is more like a smaller
version of the RS4, which should flow slightly better and hold less heat
(less material/bulk). The f-hose was a weak spot - I had an inch-long tear
in mine - so they got rid of it when they introduced the new intake

--ESP - standard on 01+ models. I find it to be very useful in the snow. You
can also turn it off for more, um, spirited driving. ;)

That's all I can think of as far as differences go.

Maintenance - oil changes are easily DIY. Transmission oil is a lifetime of
the car synthetic, so you shouldn't have to change it.

I was deciding between the 328 and the S4, and the S4 won by a long shot. I
love the Audi interior, and I love the power the S4 is capable of. However,
I'm sure you've heard of the turbo issues, so as far as longevity goes, that
would definitely be a concern in my mind. If I were to buy an used S4, I
would try to find an Audi Assured car, and do the best I can to make sure it
was never chipped and always warmed up/cooled down properly.

good luck!


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>From: "Greg Pollock" <gbp_14 at hotmail.com>
>To: biturbos4 at audifans.com
>Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2003 15:51:00 +0000
>Subject: [BiturboS4] S4 Buying
>I am new to the list as well as Audis.  I am in the market for a new car
>narrowed it down to a 2000 BMW 328ci or 2000 Audi S4.  In my area they both
>sell for about the same price.  Right now I am leaning towards the S4 due
>the increased horsepower and torque as well as having all wheel drive.  My
>question is I understand there are some engine differences between the 2000
>and 2001.5 models, can anyone explain to me in laymen's terms what the
>differences are?  Where the changes due to ineffective engine design in the
>new engine?  If I were to buy a 2000 would I experience more mechanical
>problems versus a 2001.5?  Lastly, are the S4s relatively easy to maintain
>and do scheduled maintenance like engine and transmission oil changes, etc?
>Thanks for your help.

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