[BiturboS4] Re:S4 buying

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Wed Aug 27 12:41:18 EDT 2003

Derek Cheuk writes:
> What build date differentiates a 01 and an 01.5?  Are all new badge S4s
> 01.5?

I've hear conflicting stories about this one.  Mine is a 2001 with new badge,
has a build date of 10/00, which puts it right in the transition time.
I don't know whether I have the new turbos and oil lines or not, and I
haven't found a way to determine that visually without pulling anything
apart...  VAG-COM tells me I have a 'M' version ECU, but not sure if
that's indicative of anything.

If your build date is in 2001 then it's definitely a '01.5.

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