[BiturboS4] B5 vs B6 platform

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Thu Aug 28 16:03:58 EDT 2003

Daniel McOrmond writes:
> What is the difference between the B5 and B6 platforms?
> Just a guess:
> 2000-2002 = B5
> 2003+ = B6
> Am I correct?

For the US market, the S4 from 2000-2002 is based on the B5 (type 8D)
platform.  The 2004+ S4 is based on the B6 (type 8E) platform.  There
is no 2003 S4 offered in the US.  The A4 model changeover from B5 to B6
occurred for the 2002 model year (i.e., the 2002 A4 is based on the B6

As for differences, just about everything...  B6 is a totally new chassis
with all different exterior body panels and different interior.

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