[Biturbos4] MAF warranty extended!

Bill Coleman billc928 at earthlink.net
Wed Dec 3 08:37:50 EST 2003

Got a letter from Audi yesterday - seems they've decided
to extend the warranty on MAF sensors on 2000 S4s up
to 70k miles!  There's also a reimbusement form if you
paid to have yours replaced - which I did this past summer.

The extension also applies to a number of other 2000-2001
models including A4s but not 2001-2002 S4s.  Didn't the
S4 get a different MAF starting in 2001?  Must be they're
acknowledging the early MAF has a problem.

2000 S4 6sp
2001 A4 Avant 1.8tq

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