[Biturbos4] MAF warranty extended!

Bill Coleman billc928 at earthlink.net
Wed Dec 3 10:56:14 EST 2003

There was a form included in the letter.  You should be
able to get a copy by contacting AoA.

The phone number for recall reimbursement questions
is 800-822-2834.  The mailing address includes the
line "Attn: Recall Reimbursement - 3F03" so I assume
that's the code number you would refer to.  I'll probably
have to call them myself to confirm that, because they
require a "campaign code" on the form which supposedly
is included somewhere in the customer letter, but I can't
find it anyway.  That plus proof of payment - but they
don't say what that would be for a credit card payment,
which I would assume is how most people pay.

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