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Erik De Bonte erikd at lith.com
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> Anyone know how I can find out what the Snow Rating for 
> these tires is?

Eagle F1s (at least the F1 GS-D3s that I've got) are high performance summer
tires.  They're snow rating is basically "yikes, you need winter tires!".

I've got 205/55-16 Dunlop Winter Sport M2s for winter and have been very
happy with them on wet and dry pavement in my regular commute and in snow up
in the mountains.  Based on that survey it looks like the Winter Sport M3s
are even better!


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Having just moved to the North East (Western Mass.), I'm exposed to
extreme weather conditions for the first time in my S4 and need some help
with winter tires.

First, a question about the tires I have: I currently have Goodyear Eagle
F1 (225/45ZR17) tires on my car which are great in the wet, but when
leaving Boston last night, I felt like I was slipping everywhere--were it
not for Quattro, there's no way I would have made it.  Anyone know how I
can find out what the Snow Rating for these tires is?

Secondly, what are reccomendations for good winter tires.  I've looked at
the surveyresults on the TireRack site:


Any suggestions?


'01 Silver S4
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