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Or try the Nokian Hakka winter tires, they are made in Finland.  I run NRWs (replaced by WR) on my Coupe and the Hakka Q's on my S4 (previously used on my ex-A4).  They are simply awesome.  

Both are excellent in snow, but the Q is definitely better on ice, due to its softer compound, it's a more dedicated witner tire.  The NRW/WR is better on dry pavement due to its harder rubber hence higher speed rating (H-rated), but don't expect them to stick to ice as well as the Q's.  Surprisingly I find the Q's to wear quite well.  This is their 3rd winter and there's still at least 75% thread on them.

'01.5 S4
'90 CoupeQ

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Check out the Vredestein WinTracs. They are a Scandinavian high performance winter tire with superior traction, wear and low noise characteristics. I know winter tires...I live in Minnesota. I have WinTracs on my S4 Avant and they are awesome in deep snow, packed snow and even on ice. Really let Quattro do its stuff and wear much better than Blizzaks.



>Secondly, what are reccomendations for good winter tires.  I've looked at
>the surveyresults on the TireRack site:
>    http://www.tirerack.com/tires/surveyresults/winter.jsp
>Any suggestions?
>    Thanks,
>    Aurangzeb
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