[Biturbos4] Winter Tire Help - why two sets of wheels?

Keman keman at interwolf.net
Tue Dec 16 19:00:31 EST 2003

Frequently people have a second set of rims that are smaller than stock so
that they can buy cheaper snow tires. I have a set of 16" rims for my S4
just for the winter. Potholes crop up bad in the winter, so I've got more
sidewall to protect from them, and the price difference between 16" snow
tires and 17" snow tires is huge when multiplied by 4. Add in the cost of
demount/remount/balancing x 2 and the number gets up there.

There is also some psychological factor involved ... it definitely feels
cool to have winter rims/tires and summer rims/tires, each sized out for
maximum benefits.

In my case I got the rims used with all seasons on them for $200 for the
set. Millia 1000's, aluminum .. one of the very few 16" rims that will fit
over an S4's brakes. If I trash them in a pothole, who cares ..

- Keman

>> I have a question to the list though (at the risk of sounding like
>> an idiot) .... Why a second set of wheels? The cost of snow tire
>> changeovers in the spring and fall are nothing compared to a second
>> set of wheels!  Are the wheels in some way weather dependent as well?

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