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Russell Romano Russell_Romano at pmc-sierra.com
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I should mention that these are located in Allentown, PA, so take that into considerination if you want them.


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I'm replacing my Dunlop SP 9000s with a set of Winter Sport M3s (based in part on the recommendations of folks on this list).

In the spring I intend to buy a set of 17" wheels + tires for the summer months.

Would anyone on the list have any use for a set of 215/55R16 SP 9000s with about 60% tread life remaining?  Once I mount the winter tires on my 16" rims they will remain there so I won't have any use for the 16" summer tires after that and I was already thinking of moving to 17" or 18" wheels when I needed new summer tires anyway.

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