[Biturbos4] Winter Tire Help - why two sets of wheels? - Convinced

David Bray brayd at rogers.com
Wed Dec 17 19:44:32 EST 2003

Hehe ... nice wish list!!  Well, whatever you do (16" or 17" in preparation
for Stoptech brakes) definitely go with 4 winter tires.  I have four 16"
winter Toyos that I'm pretty happy with.

Quattro is great for traction to get going, but with the exception of
4-wheel engine braking, it doesn't help on turning or braking.  The tires'
friction with the road is wholly responsible for that and any drive I ever
took, tended to include some of each!  ;0)

David Bray
Ottawa, ON, Canada
2001 S4

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> <idlely calculating wishlist> Les-see now ... that's StopTech
> brakes, Miltek
> super-dual cat-back, APR direct port programming, Miltek
> downpipes and cats,
> maybe a hyperboost diverter replacement, some flavor of short
> shifter ... I
> guess if I tap the boy's education fund and my retirement fund I
> should be OK,
> that is unless there really *is* a Santa!

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