[Biturbos4] navigation cd updates

Philip Pace pjpace at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 22 20:31:42 EST 2003

If you live in Region 4 (AR, LA, MS, OK, TN, TX), you are SO in luck:
If not, try froogle. While I'm normally staunchly opposed to copying any sort
of digital media, at this point I don't feel like pirating is so wrong.

--- Rich Shiba <rich at pdi.com> wrote:
> Speaking of NAV cds, anyone had any success getting an update?
> I've got a 2000 car and i've found a bit of outdated/wrong info
> in the nav...i figured the info in there's pushing 4 years old,
> so i asked Audi about updates, and they suggested i talk to the
> company who OEM'd the unit for Audi, but then could never produce
> any contact info for that company.  Gee thanks.  
> 	-rich

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