[Biturbos4] Extended Warranty Plans

adam.schwartz at rcn.com adam.schwartz at rcn.com
Mon Dec 22 23:43:40 EST 2003

which warranty company was it that went out of buisness? 

I have a 2000 S4 - 67k miles, and I have had an aftermarket warranty from:


It took over when my factory warranty ended... lasts a total of 6 years or till 
I have 100K miles. In 17k miles or so I have used about $1100.00 of the 
warranty which cost me $2000.00. My car is in the shop tomorrow for 
power steering problems - so maybe I will get to use it again! 

If I loose a little money, that is fine. If I save some money - great. 

But I have the warranty mainly as an insurance policy in case something 
really bad happens. Blown engine - tranny - etc...

They have covered:

Leaky washer pump
blown DV - (got 2 Bosh sport 110's paid for)
Sun roof motor blew out
rear wheel bearing
Throttle Body boot

the TBB was a funny one. They wouldnt cover it. so I called and complained. 
They still said no. They said that they had determined that the TBB was a 
hose, and they dont cover hoses. I asked who my Lawyer should contact, as 
I felt that was breach of contract. He then asked me where they should send  
me a check.. hehhee



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