[Biturbos4] RE: Recent run in with the car wash....

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Tue Dec 23 19:50:11 EST 2003

ken kgrant writes:
> [ stock Avus wheels ]
> does anyone know where i can get these rims at a
> reasonable price.  i could always go to the dealer and
> pay audi prices, i suppose.

If you want them new, then the Audi dealer is the only place you
could get them.  Sometimes you might find used ones in unscathed
condition, try monitoring the audiworld.com and audifans.com marketplace
areas, as well as ebay.  Also, replica Avus 17"x7.5" ET35 wheels are
available from various sources (such as http://www.wheelexchange.com )
for something like $600 a set of four.  Note that the original wheels
are ET45, so the replicas are going to be more "outward" by 10mm when

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