[Biturbos4] Extended Warranty Plans

Philip Pace pjpace at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 23 21:01:39 EST 2003

I would imagine that, like everything else a dealer sells you, that $2k price
is negotiable. I would start at $1k and see what they say.

--- Chris Newbold <chris at newbold.org> wrote:
> Paul Andresen said:
> > I am considering buying my 01 S4 when my lease is up in the next three
> > months.  Can anyone make a recommendation on the best extended warranty
> > plan
> > to look at?
> I'll also most likely buy my '01 Avant when the lease is up, assuming
> nothing blows up before then. I was kicking this idea around with the
> sales guy from whom I bought the car and he said they often do the Audi
> Assured 1-2 step for customers buying off lease. It works like this: at
> the end of the lease, you turn the car in, the dealer then buys the car,
> runs it through the certification and then sells it back to you.
> The key is that they sell it back to you for your original lease buy-out,
> plus somewhere around $2000 or so to cover the cost of the certification
> and associated parts. You can look at this as the "cost" of the extra
> warranty. Now, for this money you'll get quite a lot: they'll replace
> brakes, tires, belts, etc., etc. to get the car up to Audi's standards.
> You'll get two additional years and 50,000 more miles of Audi factory
> coverage, too.
> I'd suggest if you try going this route to at least make sure you get some
> sort of written agreement about the details of the deal, though. An
> unscrupulous dealer could theoretically take your car and sell it to
> someone else...
> -Chris

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