[Biturbos4] Extended Warranty Plans

lance fisher lfisher at cyberoptics.com
Wed Dec 24 19:39:07 EST 2003

I am about to sign up for what I suspect is the same extended warranty.  
The actual company is Buyer's Choice and they have what that call 
"Factory Plus" coverage.  I'm curious as to whether this is the same 
thing you have Adam, and if your cost was around the $1600 that 
Continental Warranty quoted me.


Philip Pace wrote:

>Sounds like you've done well with yours. I thought it was warrantygold.com, but
>they still have a website. Someone here should remember.
>--- adam.schwartz at rcn.com wrote:
>>which warranty company was it that went out of buisness? 
>>I have a 2000 S4 - 67k miles, and I have had an aftermarket warranty from:
>>It took over when my factory warranty ended... lasts a total of 6 years or
>>till I have 100K miles. In 17k miles or so I have used about $1100.00 of the 
>>warranty which cost me $2000.00. My car is in the shop tomorrow for 
>>power steering problems - so maybe I will get to use it again! 
>>If I loose a little money, that is fine. If I save some money - great. 
>>But I have the warranty mainly as an insurance policy in case something 
>>really bad happens. Blown engine - tranny - etc...
>>They have covered:
>>Leaky washer pump
>>blown DV - (got 2 Bosh sport 110's paid for)
>>Sun roof motor blew out
>>rear wheel bearing
>>Throttle Body boot
>>the TBB was a funny one. They wouldnt cover it. so I called and complained. 
>>They still said no. They said that they had determined that the TBB was a 
>>hose, and they dont cover hoses. I asked who my Lawyer should contact, as 
>>I felt that was breach of contract. He then asked me where they should send  
>>me a check.. hehhee

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