[Biturbos4] Extended Warranty Plans - The Most Reliable Plan IsYOUR Visa/MC or AMEX CARD - Most Aftermkt plans are agamble..my $.02

Keman keman at interwolf.net
Sun Dec 28 16:20:09 EST 2003


Don't you think that's a little excessive? Getting a credit card _just_ for
S4 repairs? Geeze, you're crazy! Some of the things folks will do for these
cars... :P

Keman - someone who changed careers and became an Audi tech so he could do
repairs to his S4 himself.

j y wrote:
>> Make sure that your credit limit isn't exhausted on your primary
>> credit card, or get another, just for S4 repairs (stock turbos cost
>> about $5400 to replace). By the time you pay for an aftermkt
>> warranty and fight the company for each claim (like replacement of
>> turbos) - you might as SELF-INSURE (by using your credit card).
>> Remember most aftermkt plans are underwritten by INSURANCE companies
>> - who DON'T like to pay claims - just like your auto insurance
>> carrier (yeah - those a$$holes).

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