[Biturbos4] need advice - interested in 2000 A6 2.7T

robert weinberg centaurus3200 at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 29 11:13:03 EST 2003

hi all,

i was directed to you guys from the bay area audi

i was on this group about a year and a half ago. i was
looking into buying a URS4 back then. well, i decided
to keep my present car and look for a house instead
(1992 ford taurus SHO 5 speed).

as some of you know, bay area housing has gone up
about $200,000 on the past 2 years. well, at leastin
my area (montclair village in the oakland hills). in
fact, the east bay is screaming while the south
bayslows down. so, 7 offers later and we are still in
our apartment.

too make a long story short. i'm NOT quite in
themarket at this point, BUT DO want to gather as
muchinformation on this car from knowledgable
enthusiasts. my fiance and i have penny pinched for
the last 3 years in hopes of buying a house (she hasa
1997 A4). well, that's put on hold for now due tothe
wedding, stratospheric housing prices and, wow what a
surprise, lack of job security ;-)

bottom line, my car has 135,000 miles on it. runsfine,
but it's getting up there in age. my companyis moving
out of state in less than a year. i'm notgoing but am
getting a decent retention package to stickit out
until the end. so, my plan of this moment is to save
the cash, heaven willing, get a stable new job. once
secure in that notion, i will buy a new(er) audi.so,
what do you guys think of a 2000-2001 audi A6 2.7T- 6
speed? i notice they are getting in the lateteens to
low 20s in price. they are everything my SHOwishes it
was. and everything i want in a car. mid-sizesedan,
manual tranny, awd, lots of power.

i've seen opinions on newsgroup searches range
fromtotal joy to utter disappointment (reliability).
i'mnot looking for honda reliability. after all,
idrive a SHO ;-)

what are the right mods for these cars? i know
theturbos are a bit small for adding more boost AND
that you have to take out the engine to replace them.
so, how much power would be gained by just intake and
better flowing turbo back exhaust?

that's all for now.


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