[Biturbos4] need advice - interested in 2000 A6 2.7T

robert weinberg centaurus3200 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 30 10:58:17 EST 2003

good stuff david,

do you live in the SF bay area?

your thoughts are exactly why i want the A6. the S4 is
great, but, coming from the SHO, i want a bigger car.
my fiance has a 1997 A4. great car, but too small for
my tastes. gee, if only they made an S4 on the A6

oh wait, they do ;-) A6 2.7T, here i come!

thanks for the tip on the turbos. see, this is the
kind of info i need.

another reason i want the A6 over an S4, many don't
know what the heck it is. so, resale is less AND i
won't have every moron in a lowered fart cannon
equipped honda trying to race me.

although, i do have a propensity to make my cars
"known"so, there will most likely be remus (or
similar) exhaust exiting out the back.

seems like there's a few former sho guys on this list.

see ya,

--- David Lau <toomanycars at mac.com> wrote:
> Robert,
> Had to chuckle... been there done that - from a 93
> SHO to a 95 SHO, to 
> the current 01 S4 Avant. I always said if Ford had
> built a SHO wagon 
> (and kept the manual) that's what I'd be driving
> today.
> Can't speak to the A6, but the 2.7T in my S4 has
> been quite reliable. 
> I've had the usual hesitation after cold start
> (improved, but never 
> solved), a blown diverter valve, a vacuum leak, but
> nothing to strand 
> me through 36,000 miles (unlike the SHO's
> intermittant cam position 
> sensor which had me coasting to the shoulder more
> than once). I chipped 
> it back at 30K. Found an APR on ebay for about $700,
> spent 15 minutes 
> with an 8mm wrench, and never looked back. It's WAY
> too easy with these 
> cars. Yes, I'm scared of abusing the turbos since
> mine is a 10/00 
> build, supposedly a month before they enlarged the
> oil passages, but I 
> take it real easy till the oil warms, use Mobil 1,
> and don't hammer it 
> ALL the time (unless I 'm provoked by a BMW,
> FireChicken, RiceRocket, 
> SUV, you know). Guess my rating is 99% Total Joy.
> David
> 01 laser red avant 6-spd
> On Dec 29, 2003, at 11:13 AM, robert weinberg wrote:
> > i've seen opinions on newsgroup searches range
> > fromtotal joy to utter disappointment
> (reliability).
> > i'mnot looking for honda reliability. after all,
> > idrive a SHO ;-)

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