[Biturbos4] SHO Fans

Chuck Etris cetris at zapeng.com
Tue Dec 30 12:27:10 EST 2003

I too am a former SHO owner.  I sold my '92 SHO on Xmas eve 2002 with 42,000
miles on it.  I was the original owner and it was nearly perfect....I hated
to sell it.  The clutch release bearing was beginning to fail when I sold
it.  I bought a 2001 S4 and couldn't afford/justify keeping the SHO, so it
had to go.  The revvy nature of the Yamaha motor was a lot of fun to play
with, but the S4 really helped me to understand what torque is all about.

Regarding the upgraded turbos on the S4 - I was told by someone who appeared
to be quite knowledgeable over on the vwvortex.com forum that ALL 2001 S4's
got the upgraded turbos with the larger oil passages or hoses or whatever.
There is a lot of conflicting information out there regarding the difference
between the 2000/2001/2001.5 models.  One theory is the badge; if you have
the later badge then you have all of the upgrades and if you have the early
badge you have none.  Another theory is the badge was merely a running
change, i.e. - when they ran out of the old badge they started putting on
the new badges, and it isn't necessarily tied directly to any turbo or hose
upgrades or f-hose removal, etc.  Whatever.  I think the key thing is not
romping on them before they are warmed up, proper cool down, and high
quality synthetic oil replaced at reasonable intervals.  The SHO was a lot
of fun, the S4 is in a totally different league in any measurable

Chuck - Charlotte, NC

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