[Biturbos4] SHO Fans

robert weinberg centaurus3200 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 30 17:22:51 EST 2003

yep, the sho doesn't have nearly the torque of an S4,
or any turbo car for that matter. for a n/a 3.0 liter,
it's pretty good actually, unfortunatly, it's offset
by the fact that the beautiful yamaha engine is
connected to a front wheel drive taurus pig ;-)

although, my friend did a 14.7 at 95 mph with a fully
loaded 1993 mtx. all he had was a sho shop y-pipe.
he's big boned too - 235 lbs.

you can get wicked HP out of those motors though. 521
wheel HP out of a 3.2L sho shop motor running 18 lbs
from a vortech.

doesn't really help from a stop though. just spins the
rubber off the wheels during a drag race.

i didn't mean to hijack your fine mailing list though
with sho nonsense.

i think i will go play with A6's at the audi
dealership this weekend.

see ya,

--- Chuck Etris <cetris at zapeng.com> wrote:
> I too am a former SHO owner.  I sold my '92 SHO on
> Xmas eve 2002 with 42,000
> miles on it.  I was the original owner and it was
> nearly perfect....I hated
> to sell it.  The clutch release bearing was
> beginning to fail when I sold
> it.  I bought a 2001 S4 and couldn't afford/justify
> keeping the SHO, so it
> had to go.  The revvy nature of the Yamaha motor was
> a lot of fun to play
> with, but the S4 really helped me to understand what
> torque is all about.
> Regarding the upgraded turbos on the S4 - I was told
> by someone who appeared
> to be quite knowledgeable over on the vwvortex.com
> forum that ALL 2001 S4's
> got the upgraded turbos with the larger oil passages
> or hoses or whatever.
> There is a lot of conflicting information out there
> regarding the difference
> between the 2000/2001/2001.5 models.  One theory is
> the badge; if you have
> the later badge then you have all of the upgrades
> and if you have the early
> badge you have none.  Another theory is the badge
> was merely a running
> change, i.e. - when they ran out of the old badge
> they started putting on
> the new badges, and it isn't necessarily tied
> directly to any turbo or hose
> upgrades or f-hose removal, etc.  Whatever.  I think
> the key thing is not
> romping on them before they are warmed up, proper
> cool down, and high
> quality synthetic oil replaced at reasonable
> intervals.  The SHO was a lot
> of fun, the S4 is in a totally different league in
> any measurable
> comparison.
> Chuck - Charlotte, NC
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